These Boots

Boots2So maybe you don’t care that I now have a new pair of favorite shoes, these great cowboy boots with genie toes that I picked up today. But I’m putting up a picture here anyway, because they make me happy. I had a hard week and I’m still sick and so, retail therapy. It may not be pretty — actually, the one thing it is is pretty, so — make that cheap, it may not be cheap, but does it work? Yeah.

I also now have massively strong antibiotics, which let us hope together will conquer the Martian invaders that have taken over my body. I plan to spend the rest of the evening curled up on the couch with my second book of 2006, courtesy of the fabulous Ms. Jenny D, Manstealing for Fat Girls. I plan to do little else. Get a good night’s rest. Tomorrow I’ll feel better. I’m sure of it.

10 thoughts on “These Boots”

  1. AWESOME boots! We approve! And we especialy approve of retail therapy, sincee it has been getting me through the whole boredom of being unemployed. Sigh. I NEED A JOB!!!!
    Happy New Year, by the way.

  2. I totally dig the boots. And the retail therapy. And, really, aren’t we just Doing Our Part for the economy by therapy-shopping? We’re patriotic amurkins!

  3. I too love the boots!
    I hope you shake that cold soon–I think I already told you that my equivalent Martian Death Cold lasted for over 2 weeks in December, it was ridiculous…. glad you’ve got the antibiotics, that’s what I should have got! Take care of your lungs…

  4. I’m hoping they work, Jenny. It’s been about three weeks now for me too and I am sick of being sick, to put it groaningly.
    Manstealing was so great! I stayed up late to finish it last night. Thanks so much for sending it my way, because I know I would have missed it.
    And thanks all, for making me feel slightly less self-indulgent for springing for the boots. (I got another pair of shoes too, but they’re far less exciting.)

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