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  1. My grandfather’s farm bordered on Mabel Osborne’s farm when I was growing up. Mabel is now in an assisted living home with Alzheimer’s in Florida, and her children are selling off the property bit by bit. By the time I get home, there will be no woods separating our farms any longer. I’m afraid I won’t recognize a thing. Great pictures though. Gorgeous and eerie.

  2. So sad, Chris. This reminds me of the guy here who owned the castle and the minute he died his kids began trying to turn it into a b & b (and the caretaker even set it on fire at one point, I believe).
    Oh, I don’t know, Pooks, I’d take that much looking like Louise Brooks. But I’m not picky.

  3. Well, I am not an exact double for Louise Brooks, but I do have an identical twin sister. Odd thing is, I look more like Brooks than I do my own twin. Maybe it is just the hair but it could be the down-in-the-dumps eyes that are hard to see in that picture.
    I am happy Gwenda that you like the Spoon River images, the work of poetry really moves me and I wanted these to be not specifically narrative based but fluid in a way that the meaning of the image changes the interpretation of the poem.

  4. Chris, your comment is so sad. I know, I know, everything must pass – that doesn’t upset me, more the fact that people have no sense of what’s being lost.
    And Christa, yes, you do, but I have to wonder, with the right hair and make-up, wouldn’t we all? Just wait for my next author photo! Btw, stunning photographs.

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