Gender Bender

Instant_Fanzine has this year’s finalists for the Philip K. Dick award.

COWL by Neal Asher (Tor)
WAR SURF by M. M. Buckner (Ace)
CAGEBIRD by Karin Lowachee (Warner Aspect)
NATURAL HISTORY by Justina Robson (Bantam Spectra)
SILVER SCREEN by Justina Robson (Pyr)
TO CRUSH THE MOON by Wil McCarthy (Bantam Spectra)

This is not the gender balance* one sees in science fiction award nominees every day. I like it.

(Plus, go Justina go!)

*Three women vs. two men, for those who don’t know that M.M. Buckner’s a woman.

4 thoughts on “Gender Bender”

  1. I just like to see Robson there twice.
    And she’ll be there next time for LIVING NEXT DOOR TO THE GOD OF LOVE as well, I’d wager. Damn, that was a good book.

  2. Say away, Niall. But just remember that I’ve known Justina Robson is brilliant since 1996. The rest of y’all are johnny-come-latelys.

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