Season of Lists

Among a bevy of Book World lists, the WaPo names its top novels for children from 2005, including Carol Emshwiller’s Mister Boots (yay!) and Rafe Martin’s Birdwing.

Coincidentally, those are the next two books I plan to read. Along with the Geoff Ryman story in the previous issue of F&SF. Followed by The Cosmology of the Wider World by Jeff Ford, several LBC titles, Jeff VanderMeer’s ShriekVeniss Underground (my mind transposed the two), Walter Dean Myers’ Autobiography of My Dead Brother, Karen Fisher’s A Sudden Country and Robb Forman Dew’s Truth of the Matter — not necessarily in that order, and with a bunch of other things in the line-up too, but not currently in the stack right next to me where I can see them. I imagine I’ll continue reading 13 Ways of Looking at the Novel through all this. Oh, and I need to pick Lydia Millet’s Oh Pure and Radiant Heart back up and finish it too.

Basically, I plan a readery December, as I get back into the Roanoke research and start pecking out new words on that long-neglected book.

p.s. Apparently, only two writers got the memo that the WaPo would be looking favorably on novels with the word march in the title this year. Any guesses about the magic word for 2006?

4 thoughts on “Season of Lists”

  1. The Ryman story is vg and you should go read it now.
    And since I missed the previous post yesterday and am too lazy to post two comments–congratulations!

  2. I’ll second the read Ryman now recommendation. Good stuff. And I also want to thank you for being the impetus for me reading Air a few months ago. Brilliant book.
    Oh, and the Ford novella is great too.

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