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TeleportTed clarifies his original post, in another fascinating one. However, reader be warned:

Imagine a story in which teleportation is available in the form of teleport booths, where anyone can walk up, dial up a destination, and go. Now imagine a story in which teleportation is available only in the presence of a certain individual, who exerts his/her will to make it happen.

To me, based on these admittedly scant descriptions, the first story feels more like science fiction, while the second feels more like fantasy. If you don’t perceive this difference between the two stories, or if you do perceive this difference but couldn’t care less about it (both of which I consider perfectly legitimate reactions), then I advise you to stop reading this post right now, lest it piss you off.

*Why have I been cursed to wake up before 8 a.m. two weekend days in a row? Hardly fair.

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