An excellent article about Sean Stewart, one of my very favorite writers, and what he’s up to lately:

All of this may keep Stewart from writing novels for some time. As much as he loves them, novels will always be there.

ARGs, by contrast, are changing with each iteration.

"It’s like building airplanes" around the turn of the century, he said. "You know they haven’t reached their final form."

I may have to start playing these ARGs. They sound like tremendous fun. (Note to Maureen McHugh fans: She gets a mention and was a key writer on these projects too.) (Via Dave.) I was just recommending Sean’s work to someone yesterday, who was looking for something for a very precocious teenager who liked LOTR and Harry Potter — which, of course, Sean’s work has very little in common with, but I stick by my recommendation.

p.s. Sorry for the sucktastic content here this week. Swamped and C has the Martian Death Cold. Will try to shape up this weekend.

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