Friday Hangovers

  • Yes, yes, Typepad’s been down all day. I believe all the posts have been magically regenerated. (Now if only future posts had been included in the restoration… that would be something.)
  • Watching Nine to Five while blogging. Must call attention to how mesmerizing the hair and make-up are for the principles. Not to mention the wardrobe. Tres magnifique. (Plus, when I was a kid, I always loved the fantasy sequence where Dolly and Lily and Jane each envision their own boss murder scenarios.) I really do have a fair amount of Dolly Parton anecdotes, I’m just now realizing. I choose to believe this is a good thing. (Just added one that’s not my own or a friend’s from IMDB — Dolly apparently memorized the part of every actor in the movie in preparation.)
  • Simon Owens over at Bloggasm is posting interviews with many, many SF writers/bloggers. Check it out.
  • The word unbelievable becomes meaningless; the exact instant you read this.
  • Matt Cheney says it all about Salvador Plascencia’s The People of Paper. You will love it.
  • Jesus vs. Bright Eyes at Tito’s. Tough match-up.
  • Eavesdrop on the new Cat Power. Salivate. (Possibly the worst part of the whole car stereo incident is no sat radio in the mobile right now, which means no preview plays of new tracks — except you can hear them at that website.) (Via T-Muffle.)
  • Yet another mea culpa: I’m still dreadfully behind at EVERYTHING — email, teeny clean-ups on the GG manuscript, some freelance stuff, etc., and, most importantly, a read for a good friend. I’m swiping at what I can this weekend.
  • Tell your best library story at The Valve and win a prize.
  • The Watcher’s most memorable 2005 TV moments.
  • Finally, Terry Teachout’s home and posting. Color me relieved and happy. Welcome back, Terry, and happy pre-birthday.

4 thoughts on “Friday Hangovers”

  1. Toni – You are the very best for being so patient; this has been like a comedy of errors. I’m slightly afraid of what’s coming next.

  2. Hey Gwenda. With regard to the news that N.S.A. is now spying on US citizens without obtaining warrants, do you ever think the Bush Administration’s strategy is to do so many dark and horrible things that we can’t keep up with them? Cause I do.

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