Four by Four

This one’s going around. I caught it from OGIC and Tito.

Four jobs you’ve had in your life: bartender, reporter, waitress, PR flack
Four movies you could watch over and over: Midnight, Happy Accidents, Rushmore, Run Lola Run
Four places you’ve lived: Bond, Ky.; Menomonie, Wis.; London, England;  Lexington, Ky.
Four TV shows you love to watch: Veronica Mars, Gilmore Girls, America’s Next Top Model (addictive), Arrested Development
Four places you’ve been on vacation: Hawaii, Mexico, Las Vegas (I’m only putting this one on for sentimental reasons, because it was over X-mas), Paris
Four websites you visit daily: Bloglines (in other words, where I read most everything), MetaxuCafe, About Last Night (damn your partial RSS feed!), Washington Post online
Four of your favorite foods: pizza, sushi, burritos, champagne
Four places you’d rather be: in a museum, at the movies, in the bathtub, in a zeppelin, among friends

4 thoughts on “Four by Four”

  1. Wow, we have very similar taste in movies. I’ve never seen Midnight, but the three others would make any list of my favorite movies (I might put the Royal Tenebaums over Rushmore, but then again on another day, I might not).
    When it comes to television, however, it would seem our tastes differ considerably. Strange, that.

  2. I watch a _ton_ of TV, Tim, so I bet our tastes do overlap some there too. (It’s my bad-ish habit.)
    Sadly, it’s not that I cheated on the last one, but that I can’t count very well. 🙂

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