Worst News Ever

Stupid corporate parents:

As SCIFI.COM gears up to expand with exciting new ventures utilizing the newest technology, it will discontinue SCI FICTION, the online publishing division of of the site, at the end of 2005.

In almost six years of groundbreaking online publishing, SCI FICTION and its editor, Ellen Datlow, had an unparalleled record of critical success, earning 10 major awards, including three Hugo Awards, four Nebula Awards and a World Fantasy Award.

We wish Ellen the best and look forward to seeing her future work.

There’s a message from Ellen at  the site too. I’m just stunned and sad.

Updated: Okay, three quick thoughts.

  1. This pretty much tells me that the Sci-Fi Channel cares nothing for science fiction.
  2. They have lost my viewership forever.
  3. If there’s any justice, Ellen will have a great new gig instantly.

Back to being stunned and sad. (Letter writing campaign? Endless, brand-crushing interweb mockery of SciFi.com, anyone?)

2 thoughts on “Worst News Ever”

  1. This pretty much tells me that the Sci-Fi Channel cares nothing for science fiction.
    Hell, we pretty much figured that out when they cancelled Farscape because some new executive didn’t like shows set in space.
    Honestly, it’s always been a marvel to me that the pencil-pushers at Sci Fi didn’t can SciFiction a long time ago. I don’t enjoy reading on the computer so I was never a regular reader, but every time I went there I wondered when the axe would fall.
    I wish I could say that I’m abandoning SciFi for this, but there’s still Battlestar Galactica to be contended with. It’s nice to be a fan of a ratings juggernaut for once – gives you a warm, fuzzy feeling inside.
    Does anyone know if the site’s archives will remain available, or is the entire thing going to go dark on January 1st?
    And, on a slightly scarier topic, does this mean Science Fiction Weekly is next, and with it John Clute and Paul di Filipo’s reviews?

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