Friday Hangovers (updated)

Hey all, once again here I am with the Friday apology for sparse, crappy content this past week. And once again, I pledge to do better next week. There will be tumbleweeds here over the weekend, likely; it looks to be busy. Tonight we’re off to a sold out Loretta Lynn show, for which I’m told we have awesome seats. Tomorrow night, the refurbished, limping, zombie-like write club meets. The gym must be gone to, as my limbs feel like they are filled with sand from a week(ish) of gym avoidance. And somewhere in between I have to finish the book and write a new story to turn in at Christopher’s class on Wednesday night. (Did I mention I have no idea whatsoever for the story? Lemurs, anyone?) And I really will answer all that email I’m so offensively behind on this weekend. So, yeah, busy. I’m sure y’all are too. (Oh, and I’m starting to get very excited about the big Thanksgiving this year.)

9 thoughts on “Friday Hangovers (updated)”

  1. I really really wish I was going to be there for Thanksgiving too. Do I.
    Now I am off to Hokkaido to give a lecture to translation students. I hear it has already snowed there. 🙁

  2. RE: Arrested. I have to say, while the execs at Fox have enough bad karma built up that they will all burn in hell anyway, I can’t fault them in this case. Going by the ratings, AD should never have made it through the first season. They stuck with it for a good long time.

  3. But that show made me happy. They are taking away my HAPPINESS. I care not for these ‘ratings,’ which is why I will never make it in this town.

  4. The fact that it made it to a third season, and the third season was still awesome, raised my hopes that somehow, finally, people would start watching. Or that Fox harbored an irrational soft spot for the show. Like, Arrested was its kept woman. Fox would never leave its wife for her, but it would always pay her rent on time.

  5. What Meghan said. I don’t know how it really had a shot at good ratings this season, since it’s been preempted by sports for half the damn time anyway. If we didn’t have DVR, I’d never know when it was on. The DVDs had to bring in some money for the net and there’s something to be said for having prestige shows that will be nommed for awards and are the funniest thing ever.

  6. Damn it! After Fox cancelled Wonderfalls (and, before that, Firefly), I said it would never happen to me again, and yet here I am, all stunned and unconsolable! The show made me happy, too.

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