I don’t have time to track down the capsule, but discuss: very good episode. Next week looks Duncan-y. When does the winter hiatus start?

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  1. Now that was quality television. I’m still marveling at how effortlessly the writers managed to cram so much information into less than 45 minutes and still keep the episode’s pace measured and steady. One of my problems with the two episodes that ended the first season (the rape resolution and the murder resolution) was that they were crammed full of events and revelations, barely giving the viewer time to catch breath. I’m very glad to see that the writers are getting better at pacing.
    Just think, in that one episode, we had:
    That terrifying scene in the Irish mobster bar. I don’t want to say that it was good to see Veronica overpowered and scared because clearly it wasn’t, but it’s good to know that the writers remember that she isn’t a superwoman. I was also impressed with Logan’s behavior in that scene. I was expecting him to come to Veronica’s rescue, but I figured he’d just try to tackle the guy and make things worse. Between his ability to make a getaway and stealing the PCHer’s cellphone, I’m finding myself in the odd position of admiring Logan’s brain.
    Once that was done, there was the episode mystery, which was complicated and interesting, with the added bonus that the resolution wasn’t neat and morally clear. Plus, Veronica’s interaction with Mac was a hell of a lot of fun, and a nice antidote to last week’s slumber party. I’ve seen complaints, which I think are justified, about the lack of positive female friends around Veronica, and I hope Mac sticks around to fill that role.
    And then, we had Weevil realizing that he’s lost control of the PCHers, Logan’s intense torture scene, and the revelation that things are actually going to get worse between those two.
    And then, we had Duncan going quietly nuts. Teddy Dunn wasn’t any more impressive in this episode than he usually is, but Alona Tal is always good.
    And THEN, we had some immortal Logan lines: “I’m wearing one of those tracking bracelets, does that help?”, promising Veronica to abolish even-numbered days, and of course “Help me, Obi-Mars Kenobi. You’re my only hope.”
    That’s some first-grade Mars there, and I can’t wait until next week.

  2. Agreed, it was a first-rate episode all around. (Although the writers actually had Logan say “Mars-Wan Kenobi,” which seemed like an awkward choice to me.)
    I do find myself wondering why Logan doesn’t hire a full-time investigator. He’s got the money; he could afford a defense attorney and a team of investigators to dig up all the dirt on witnesses. (He could even hire bodyguards now.) Not that Veronica isn’t up to the job; just that she’s not exactly his only hope.

  3. You know, some of your long-forgotten friends are so cool, they actually own the first season on DVD, so you might could catch up over said winter hiatus.
    I should warn you, though. If you watch, you will come to desire and adore Logan. It’s a sickness. The sickness extends to his portrayer Jason Dohring. It’s an affection that neither marriage (yes–he’s in one!) nor religion (he’s a Sci-Ti…a BIG ONE) can sway!

  4. Hey dollface — I gorged on the first season already! But thanks for the offer.
    Things have been crazy, but we should definitely get together over the holidays and talk about what a “fine actor” Logan is. Ahem.

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