Kneel Before Zod.

Zodscowl_2Thngs I Learned Over Thanksgiving 2006

  1. Superman II really is the best, primarily because of General Zod and his minions (especially the scowly one). In fact, I’d go so far as to say that almost every movie would be improved by Terence Stamp as Zod fiercing up the joint.
  2. Never play Trivial Pursuit against a science fiction writer when death is on the line.
  3. George the Dog would really like to live in a party house. He prefers it. He’s been wandering around all day looking for people to entertain him.
  4. Thai food kicks turkey and dressing’s ass, but I actually knew this already. However, I will raise things one AMAZING curried catfish.
  5. Related to four: It’s best to stay out of the professionalsway. Don’t mess with the notecards.
  6. The Johnny and June movie is actually really good. You should see it.
  7. Manly men can completely fix a leaky faucet. (And I’ve already adjusted to turning the cold tap the opposite direction too.)
  8. Alan can outsleep me! (Though in his favor, he did have that whole 14 hour drive thing.)
  9. Hiking is not about speed.

I find myself stalled at nine, but that’s just because I’m very, very sleepy. And anyway, we’d already established that the best thing about Thanksgiving is to be surrounded by a bunch of fantastic people. Check.

Hope yours was great too.

7 thoughts on “Kneel Before Zod.”

  1. Aha! You went and saw the Johnny Cash movie — I was so hoping that you would. (Although I suspect that I love it even more than you do.)
    Wish we’d been there for Thanksgiving. I had beef wellington and am undoubtedly due to come down with the gout.

  2. You guys were greatly missed(!). And there was actual cooking this year.
    Christopher and I snuck out to see the Cash movie today after everyone had already left and loved it superlots.
    I hear that ear candles are good for preventing gout.

  3. Okay, then. Here is your 10th thing: I learned over Thanksgiving that cats do not respect the idea of “sleeping in” on a holiday. Argh.
    My T-day was T-less. Friend made me a fabulous six course veggie meal, with more food than I thought was possible on Thanksgiving without an actual tofurkey. I did not miss the turkey at all.

  4. re: Tuesday hangovers
    best avoided first week on a new job
    re: things I learned
    even though i don’t understand the whole thanksgiving thing, any list that includes a princess bride reference is grand

  5. I, too, wish we’d been there for Thanksgiving. It was probably best that we didn’t go, though; Marcia had to go help a friend with a newborn, and we’re sort of in hospice mode right now for her 20-year-old cat.

  6. I’m so sorry to hear about Marcia’s cat. You know y’all are invited next year, or any year after that.
    La Gringa, your cats sound great and wacky.

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