Sorry I’m late with the post. This week’s ep:

"Driver Ed" – Wednesday 10.05.05 After tragedy strikes Neptune and the local sheriff rushes to judgment, an emotional Veronica attempts to help a grieving family member rule out suicide as a contributing cause in the calamity. Meanwhile, Wallace offers to help transfer student Jackie Cook track down the person who damaged her car in the school lot.

See you later. Also, Sue Wong was on America’s Next Top Model — that’s the designer of my wedding dress. I was very happy.

8 thoughts on “VeronicaMarsTalk”

  1. The good:
    Logan. Dohring is stellar, doing repulsive, sympathetic, and unhinged all at the same time.
    Unsubtle satire of the tacky reaction to tragedy. (She said ‘misanthrope’, that’s so hot.)
    Lots of things that seemed a little out of place, which I am assuming are the balls that will land later being tossed into the air. (Or the lingering shot of the gun on the mantle in act one, if you will).
    “If the cuddling was the best part, he didn’t do it right.”
    The way Keith is written. It was exactly right that he would turn it down, and also exactly right that he couldn’t.
    The ending.
    The not-so-good:
    You can actually hear the network saying “we’d like more sex please”
    New rich bitch is completely uninteresting so far. And didn’t we see the “Wallace helps out girl we wants to get with” story early last season as well. (And why do we only see black girls in Neptune in relation to Wallace?) Also, what was the point of Wallace stealing the top page of the notepad if we never saw him do the pencil trick?

  2. I was not thrilled with this episode.
    Wallace is always cute, but spoiled rich girl gets her car dinged isn’t a very interesting storyline.
    I thought it was super obvious the bus driver was having an affair from the moment Veronica knocked on that door.
    I thought the way they got Papa Mars in the sheriff races was really heavyhanded.
    Good stuff – The way Veronica and the others were dealing with the deaths was gritty and real.
    OMG – who thinks Duncan is secritly gay? (given the opportunity of getting laid again or turning on hotel porn, he picks …)
    Logan, still king of the snark.
    Also, want more Weevil and Mac.
    Maybe it’ll play out better in context, but I think the balance is off. There’s too much VM relationship stuff, so the weekly cases both this week and last have been really slight.

  3. Mr. M, my friends tell me the point of Wallace stealing the top page of the pad was to compare to the mean note the rich girl got on her car. I was waiting for the pencil trick too — or for them to subvert it like in “The Big Lebowski.”
    I think my favorite icky little detail ever was the XL condom wrapper under the chair @ the Casablancas house. Yes Charisma C. is typecast but she is magnificent.
    Love the bus driver’s daughter character, hope we get to see a lot more of her. I still miss Mac. ::sigh::

  4. I have to say that I’m really looking forward to getting the box set of last season next week (for half price, natch, with a Barnes and Noble online coupon). Because while I’m really, really liking the show, I’m not in full on love yet. I think it’s just unfamiliarity with the characters and such. An infusion of Season 1 should do the trick.
    All reporters do not use those notebooks. But most do.
    I, too, loved the bus driver’s daughter.

  5. Finally got to see the episode (bloody torrent didn’t appear until late last night, grrr) this afternoon, and although I liked it quite a bit more than last week’s premiere, I still think there’s a way to go (but then, season 1 took a few episodes to get its legs under it). I enjoyed Veronica a great deal, but the plotting was off – Veronica should have worked out that the bus driver was having an affair the minute she met the wife, Evil Lamb was over the top, and I get the feeling we were supposed to think Veronica and Duncan were at a crisis point which was averted when Veronica was inspired to re-commit to the relationship, but it just didn’t show up on screen (or maybe it’s just because Veronica and Duncan still have almost no chemistry).
    Oh, and could I love Wallace any more? He’s such a good friend – he puts his own desires aside when he hears how upset Veronica is. Wallace is really the moral center of the show, and I’m glad the writers are putting that front and center.
    I thought Kevin Smith did well with his small part, and Charisma Carpenter was great fun.

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