Well hmmm…

Importing posts didn’t work. In fact, I may have just erased the Shaken & Stirred blogger archives back aways (although the instructions said they would prevent you from doing that). Anyone who knows how to do this stuff, feel free to email with face-saving instructions. Otherwise, we are starting from scratch over here. Except for this one feat of technology I foolishly attempted on my own, we likes it over here. It’s much easier to control the design and the interface kicks the b-l-o-g-g’s a s s.

Anyhoo. Now I post up a storm.

4 thoughts on “Well hmmm…”

  1. Hello Gwenda,
    This is indeed most pretty! Though I’m afraid I don’t like the short lines in the central column all that much – makes it harder to read what you have to say. But the book- and album covers are great!

  2. Wow, that is pretty. Welcome to the typepad family. By the way, I gave up trying to import my files from blogger after a frustrating weekend of hairpulling and fist slamming. I don’t think it’s really possible, but hopefully someone will give you some help on it.

  3. Hey Marrije — I much appreciate the intimation that I’m worth reading. I also wish the center column was a tiny bit wider, and I’m sure I’ll end up messing around with the template at some point (and there’s always RSS) because it’s so easy to do on Typepad.
    Hey Jeff — Re: importing. I don’t really mind all that much. It feels kind of like it should be ephemeral (although I do hope I didn’t manage to erase the whole thing). And it’ll still be hanging out there somewhere. And I’m glad to hear it’s not just me who didn’t find the simple instructions to, um, work.

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