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A whole new Tuesday is upon us. The WB’s Damn New Gilmore Girls’ site keeps shutting down my browser, so this is an episode description snatched from the Unofficial Fansite (it lacketh salient details like who wrote and directed the ep) Stay away from the black hole that is the Warner Bros site and go only to the WB:

The UnGraduate: Excited about catering the wedding, Sookie (Melissa McCarthy) pressures Lorelai to set a date, but Lorelai won’t commit. While completing her community service hours, Rory (Alexis Bledel) takes a job at Emily’s (Kelly Bishop) DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution) office. Convinced that she has a rival for the job of DAR president, Emily uses Rory as her spy. Logan (Matt Czuchry returns from Europe and returns to Yale, forcing Rory to confront her true feelings about dropping out of college. Lane (Keiko Agena) and her band return from their summer on the road. Luke (Scott Patterson) agrees to take care of Lorelai’s dog, Paul Anka, while she works late at the inn, and ends up rushing the dog to the vet. Finally, Lorelai admits to Luke her reason for putting off their wedding.

Yanic Truesdale and Lisa Weil also star.  Michael Zinberg directed the episode written by David S. Rosenthal.

Whew. Lane’s back. See you later…  (And hey, PokerBoy, two weeks of absence from the GGC is unacceptable!)

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  1. Good episode. Not a lot to say about this one.. it’s great to see Lane living her dream, and appreciating it to the hilt. Looks like Rory’s going to have a long year (or semester? She didn’t burn any bridges at Yale, I think, so could she return to school in January if she wanted to?). Mostly, this episode just fills me with so much Luke love.

  2. I tought it was a good ep, too. I really appreciated that ASP is allowing L/L to have their banter and still imply that they have a close / sexual relationship as well. For several of the eps last year after they got back together, there was just zero images of affection, even when they were alone, and it made the relationship feel cool and awkward to me, instead of one which should have heated up after that huge kiss / reunion. So, glad that’s changing.
    My only real gripe about this show is the character assassination they’re now doing to Sookie. She used to be so supportive of Lorelai. Sure, she called Lorelai on things and pointed out truths, but it was in a supportive way. But to just arbritrarily block off a month the next year and set it aside for Lorelai’s wedding is incredibly presumptuous and invasive. On top of that, when Lorelai doesn’t want the date, Sookie immediately assumes Lorelai will bolt, which is sort of mean. Even Sookie has got to see this is different for Lorelai. It just really bugs that the humor resorts to Lorelai being the butt of Sookie’s ribbing in their shared scenes.
    Other than that, though, I enjoyed the ep, particularly the teaser.

  3. Ditto. This was a great ep, very much in tune with last year’s great writing. I was also glad that we skipped ahead in time, frankly, and I think that’s part of what made this episode so good. The rhythm would have been off if we spent the whole season over a summer.
    Yay, Lane! The “band at the end of the tour” vibe was extremely well done.
    And Lorelai was much more herself this week. And Paul Anka did a good job of suddenly being a character who’s been around for awhile, when he really only came on last week.
    (TJ gets on my nerves; I hope this is his big arc for the season done.)
    Knockout endng though. Just Stepford and creepy!

  4. I think the scene where Lorelai understands that she can just tell Luke why she wants to wait, and he immediately understands it, was the gold in this episode.
    Beyond the fact that it was really well done, it provides an indication that any Luke-Lorelai tension this season will be coming from the outside (viz Sookie, T.J., and I expect at some point Emily/Richard) and not coming from ridiculous Moonlighting/Cheers plotting.

  5. I hope you’re right there, Mr. McL. And I was glad that the whole promo build-up of tension over the wedding turned out to be phony. I get a very centered vibe from Lorelai about the relationship. It was a nice moment, and so quick. They are damn good at that on GG.
    Next week looks fun.

  6. i was motivated to finally post (after an entire season of reading in the wings) due to the Sookie comments. i didn’t think Sookie was out of character with her strong arm tactics to get Lorelei to commit to a date. remember what she did to Luke when he was cooking in her kitchen. There is this kookie, eccentric side of Sookie that shows up like a bad rash and then it’s gone. i did like her new haircut. didn’t understand if it had any story line significance or if the show just got a bigger makeup/stylist budget. (Rory even has a new ‘do.) is Sookie doing a cooking show we don’t know about…
    and i love Luke. his character just gets better and better. i loved him when he was pining for Lorelei and love him even more now that he’s working on keeping her happy. ah, true fictional love. ain’t it grand.

  7. I enjoy reading everyone’s comments, although I can’t really participate much. It does seem to be a pattern with Gilmore Girls promos that what is presented as the big dramatic turn (see Lorelai’s pregnancy scare last year) usually turns out to be resolved in a matter of seconds. So I never take the commercials very seriously anymore.
    Oh, and I think Sookie was totally in character. She has always been really, um, enthusiastic, and this occasionally trumps her being supportive to Lorelai.

  8. I _knew_ we could get Marcia to speak up by talking smack about Sookie. I knew it!
    (Point taken; Sookie’s that kind of character.)

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