Say… What’s the Combination? Update

Well, the bad news is that Say… what’s the combination? won’t quite debut at Wiscon owing to insanity-based production delays. But.

It’s going to be great. Best. Issue. Ever. And it’ll be out in a monthish. Subscribers will get copies then and we’ll hopefully get some copies to Readercon.

Here’s the TOC.

"Leap" by Hannah Wolf Bowen
"New Practical Physics" by Matthew Cheney
"Into the Woods" by Marguerite Croft
"A Yarn of the Heat Tailor" by Earl P. Dean
"Do What You Desire" by Elad Haber
"The League of Moon Ladies" by Meghan McCarron
"The Bone Key" by Sarah Monette
"Known Forms" by Melissa Moorer
"A Key Decides Its Destiny" by Cat Rambo
"Nutmeg and Limestone" by Sonya Taaffe

Four visual/concrete poems by mIEKAL aND
"Mary Shelley’s Surfboard," poem suite by Joe Safdie

Say… What’s the Combination? Update