(Semi)Frugal Night Before Shopping

Twas the night before Christmas Eve and all through the house … you could hear me complaining about Lush’s overpriced and underwhelming shipping options. After finally deciding I couldn’t bear to pay so much in shipping in order to get a Godiva solid shampoo (and conditioner) bar in time to take to Vermont (less stuff! less stuff to cart to dorm showers!), I idly started googling for alternatives. It turns out that Amazon also sells Lush products — and with far better shipping rates and times (in theory anyway on the times — we’ll see). I even had a little Amazon gift cert laying about, so I’m practically a paragon of virtue over here.

Anyway, one thing they don’t sell on Amazon are the solid shampoo _tins_. I’m sure I can manage a workaround, but on the off chance someone has an extra and wants to mail it to me in the next couple of weeks (anytime before Jan. 6), well, you’d be the awesomest of all time. And I’d owe you a drink. Drop me an email if you need the address; I’d pay shipping, of course.

(Semi)Frugal Night Before Shopping