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Ten Top Trivia Tips about BondGirl!

  1. Contrary to popular belief, BondGirl is not successful at sobering up a drunk person, and in many cases she may actually increase the adverse effects of alcohol!
  2. Olympic badminton rules say that BondGirl must have exactly fourteen feathers.
  3. BondGirl has only one weakness – the colour yellow.
  4. Julius Caesar wore a laurel wreath to cover up BondGirl!
  5. You can tell if BondGirl has been hard-boiled by spinning her. If she stands up, she is hard-boiled.
  6. BondGirl will always turn right when leaving a cave!
  7. You burn more calories sleeping than you do watching BondGirl!
  8. BondGirl became extinct in England in 1486.
  9. Lightning strikes BondGirl over seven times every hour.
  10. BondGirl cannot be detected by infrared cameras.

I am interested in – do tell me about


Via the fabulous Eek. And because I can, I do it again with my actual name:

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The Stuff of Happiness

Snitched from Meghan. Stuff I like, because sometimes it’s good to stop and think about good stuff.

1. Wallaby brand Australian-style yogurt. Seriously, the most delicious yogurt in the world. You must try. You will be happy. Orange Passion Fruit flavor. Any flavor. Yum.

2. Magic. Not the kind with the K. The kind with magicians and tricks and fascinating histories, etc. 

3. Freaks. Obviously. But for lots of reasons, including an innate pull toward outsiders of any kind. (Also, related to the link: anything that Rosamond Purcell does.)

4. Television. Unapologetically, I love it. (Only good television, obvs., or at least so bad it’s entertaining.) After a long day, after a short day. I try not to watch it in huge lumps of time, but I don’t feel guilty when I do. And what would you do when you were sick if TV didn’t exist?

5. The VA parking garage. We just got a permit for the VA parking garage, which is across the street from our gym. Previously, going to the gym involved vulture-circling for a spot and paying way too much into a meter. Now it just involves a half-a-block walk. It’s the little things.

6. Hawaii. I very much want to go back. It’s a magic place (again, not with the K, but this time not with the tricks either). All this Jack London and Mark Twain talk of late is making me long.

7. These shoes. (With kudos to the Style Queen.) Now if only I could find/afford a pair.

8. Being in motion. Even if it’s in my chair, typing away.

9. A really great conversation. Especially with someone I just met.

10. Mr. T. Because he defies logic.

11. Music with some space. I like music that has a landscape in it that you can freefall through.

12. Songs you can’t help singing along to. "Jessica," "Who’s Got the Crack?" (or anything by The Moldy Peaches, really), "Moonshiner," "Heliopolis by Night," etc.

13. The South. Which shall not rise again.

14. Teenagers. They rock, they’re infuriating, they’re like matches waiting to throw sparks. It’s why I write about and for them.

15. A new Karen Joy Fowler novel. This is an official request of the universe and Karen. (Actually, KJF in general would be perfectly at home on this list too.)

16. Giving someone a present. Is there anything better? (Obligatory Xmas pressies not included.)

17. You. Assuming you’re not creepy.

(p.s. Gmail has been down (for me, anyway) all day, but seems to be back up. So if I owe you a reply from the last couple days, expect it later tonight.)

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Slightly horrifying results (poor wooden Ione), but still amusement to be had:

Congratulations! You are a BRAINY BEAUTY.

The 80s teen film heroine you are most like is IONE SKYE from SAY ANYTHING. Your good grades and preppie style make you the classic overachiever. Still, you long to shed your good-girl image and have some fun, but are afraid of what everyone will think. May we suggest you find a kick-boxing iconoclast along the lines of JOHN CUSACK’s Lloyd Dobbler to show you that can make straight As and still have time for making out?

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Where You Been

Copying Tito, places I spent at least a night in 2005:

Lexington, KY
Hickory, NC
Asheville, NC
Madison, WI
Anneville, KY

A pretty ish-ish year on travel. Am thinking this year, in addition to Wiscon, I may do BEA, and at some point we’ll probably be in New York. Also, Roanoke Island. And possibly LA and/or Austin, depending as well. I am determined to get somewhere tropical. We’ll see. Y tu?

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Whoa, That’s Some Canon.

ScalzimovieIt’s a new week and so Scalzi has a new book out (I kid because I love, it’s not like he’s caught up with the award-winning Scott or anything), The Rough Guide to Science Fiction Movies. Therein lies a list of movies referred to reverentially as The Canon. Bold the ones you’ve seen, etc. List after the cut. I should confess that I took a science fiction film genre course in The College Days.

Also, I wish Them! had made it. I love me some giant ants.

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