Where You Been

Copying Tito, places I spent at least a night in 2005:

Lexington, KY
Hickory, NC
Asheville, NC
Madison, WI
Anneville, KY

A pretty ish-ish year on travel. Am thinking this year, in addition to Wiscon, I may do BEA, and at some point we’ll probably be in New York. Also, Roanoke Island. And possibly LA and/or Austin, depending as well. I am determined to get somewhere tropical. We’ll see. Y tu?

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  1. hmmm…after being inspired by your post to take a closer look at my own travels in the past year, i’m a bit mortified. nothing vaguely exciting. although i do know which airports have good bookstores…so there’s that. i am heading to glasgow and edinburgh this fall (can’t wait!) with a few less enthralling trips to orlando (blech!), Ogunquit, Maine and New York. I’m sure I’ll rack up some other undesireables along the way! Here’s to a year of excellent traveling — or at least good bookstores to make up for mediocre traveling!

  2. No no, Thailand doesn’t give you the mumps. *Japan* gives you the mumps. Thailand just gives you milaria. (sp?)

  3. In order of the number of nights spent there:
    Maidenhead, UK
    Glasgow, Scotland
    Athens, Greece
    Lucca, Italy
    Birmingham, UK
    Amsterdam, The Netherlands
    Rome, Italy
    Stockholm, Sweden
    Wupperthal, Germany
    Ah, business travel, so good to me. This year: Istanbul, Copenhagen, probably Tokyo, possibly Cape Town. (And Glasgow again, for Eastercon.)

  4. Okay, I’ll bite:
    Acworth, GA
    San Diego, CA
    Los Angeles, CA
    Anaheim, CA
    Seattle, WA
    Glacier, WA
    Indianapolis, IN
    Not very interesting, I’m afraid.

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