Little Updates

News this week from the Deadline Bunker? (You can get this kind of stuff and way more gabby stuff weekly by signing up for my tinyletter.)

Look what exists!

Girl in the Shadows author copies came! Yay! My magician girl has a whole book of her own. I hope you guys like it!

And how about I give you a sneak peek of the variant cover for issue one of Girl Over Paris by Brittney Williams (eep! I feel so fancy to have a variant cover!) and the cover for the second issue of Girl Over Paris by Ming Doyle? I am just continually even more excited for everyone to read this.

Ahhh, the gorgeousness. You can find order links to all the Cirque American stuff here.

I also had some new interviews about Double Down and various things this week:

Hope everyone had a lovely long weekend!

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