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I didn’t intend to not update here since release — and of course I’ve still been around my haunts of choice, twitter and tumblr — but I had a book draft to finish and have been doing a lot of promote-y things too and so it happened. Which means I have many new things to share here, because I turned in said book yesterday. *tosses confetti of relief*

First, and most soon, there’s tomorrow night’s Lois Lane: Fallout twitter chat. Please to join! You can tweet questions in advance or during. Otherwise I’ll be forced to awkwardly chat with myself. No one wants that.

Next up, I’ll be at BEA. I’ll be signing Lois Lane: Fallout at the Capstone Publishing booth at 3 p.m. on Thursday, May 28, and hanging around the Capstone booth party at 4 p.m. (word on the street is that some people will be wearing Lois Lane t-shirts!). If you’re coming to BEA that day, be there…or be elsewhere (but I will be sad if you are!). I’ll be around some informally on Friday too. And I finally updated my events page with all the upcoming stuff, so come catch me (and next month, the Dangerous Ladies) somewhere. There have been MANY new reviews and lots of interviews and even a guest post since I posted here. A round-up:

There is more and more to come, but to say I’m humbled and thrilled by the enthusiastic reception to Fallout so far is a major understatement. All your reviews, tweet, posts, and reactions (fan art!) mean the world. Please do buy, read, and share about the book if you love it. Word of mouth is the single most important thing you can do to ensure more Lois (and to help out any book or author you like). And do consider  leaving an Amazon review (and/or on Goodreads), if you enjoy the book — it can be long or short, and you don’t have to purchase there to do so. Amazon rankings and searches factor in the number of reviews a book has, and they really do help other readers find books. I’m also told the book is now showing up in Barnes & Noble; but remember, if your B&N or indie bookstore doesn’t have it, they can order it for you. And your library is always another option. <3

I’ll finish up by memorializing a couple of !!! moments here:

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