We Have A Winner

Well, all of you are winners in my book and in my heart. Thank you for being so excited for Fallout and being so game to participate in this impromptu contest. I'm a whimful creature, and so I didn't give you much warning. But it was so much fun to read everyone's posts and see your favorite Lois and Clark moments.

I thought I'd highlight a few of your super posts, before getting to the business of who is taking home this ARC:


I'm giving this baby away in a quick Galentine's/Valentine's #FalloutARC contest!

A photo posted by Gwenda Bond (@gwendabond) on Feb 13, 2015 at 6:23am PST


Here's a sampling of entries, and you can find links to a whole bunch more at twitter by searching the #FalloutARC hashtag (tumblr tags not cooperating as well for some reason, but I'm almost 100 percent certain I managed to track down all the posts made there).

And last but not least, I loved this Tumblr gifset of reasons why Lois would make a great friend. Honestly, every single entry made me grin. You guys are the best valentines and galentines ever.

To choose the winner, I made a good old-fashioned paper drawing, giving every entry one slip. I wish you could all win, but there can be only one and that person is…

::drumroll comprised of clacking keyboards in a newsroom::

SHADES OF LIMELIGHT aka @CertainShadesL! DM me your address on twitter and your signed ARC will be en route tomorrow.

Thanks again to everyone, and you can always preorder the book if you haven't (something tells me most of you have). And there will be lots of news and sneak peeks and other things coming soon as we get closer and closer to release. Stay tuned! <3 <3 <3

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