Mini-Update + Reviewed

This week is a little on the crazy side, because C is at Syc Hill and my mom is recovering from surgery in town and I am on deadline. There isn't even any time for Secret Shames (that post has some fun comments if you need ideas for truly guilty pleasure-esque things to do when the significant other is away). But the good news is this deadline means (probably) the last of revisions on Secret Project, and I'm also filling out the author questionaire for it, which all means it is closer to being revealed to you and a secret no longer. 

Yesterday was a lonnng day spent editing at the hospital while waiting to move my mom over to the rehab hospital, and then being entertained by her roommate at the new place, a woman in her eighties who reminds me of a little of Gray Gardens and a little of Maurice Sendak in prime lovable grouch mode and answers all unwanted questions with "Damned if I know" and so is clearly a genius.

Then I came home to a good surprise, in the form of a very nice first review for Girl on a Wire from the July issue of School Library Journal. Here's a little snippet:

“With a thrilling mystery, a hint of magic, and a touch of romance, Girl on a Wire takes readers into the fascinating world of circus performers. It is clear that Bond has done her research, especially with Jules’s idol, Jennadean Engleman, aka Bird Millman, a famous vaudeville tightrope and city walker.”

*beams* I just updated the buy links on its page, should you want to pre-order.

And while I'm talking reviews, a new one for Blackwood popped up on a blog maintained by UNC-Chapel Hill libraries, featuring books set in North Carolina: "Bond infuses the original legend of the Lost Colony with quite a bit of imagination. Blackwood is perfect for readers on the look-out for an intelligent young adult novel." It makes me happy to see people still discovering that book, and I'm always especially pleased when North Carolinians (and librarians!) like it.

 And I will leave you with this oldish but new to me video of the Chinese State Circus doing an incredible acrobatic version of Swan Lake (also, not really related, but I am so happy that So You Think You Can Dance is back):



(Seriously, if you haven't seen that video watch it. She goes en pointe on his shoulder!)

Now back to work.

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