Pictorial Hijinks

I promised I'd share some new author photos soon and soon is now (unless you already saw them on facebook, that is).

So I'm not that much of a procrastinator, not where work is concerned. But I can definitely put off other things that need to be done but aren't critical for a looong time. *hangs head in e-mail shame* Another example that demonstrates what I mean would be this website, which I've intended to overhaul for years now. Or, say, the fact that Christopher and I got wedding bands…for our fourth anniversary. At least, I think it was the fourth. The jewelry store people were flummoxed by the delay–and by the fact I didn't care about diamonds (but that's to be expected).

The photo I've been using as my headshot is also an example. I had to come up with a high res shot on a tight timeframe in 2010 for RWA to run with a Q&A they did with me when I won that year's Veritas Award for a PW piece. Christopher gamely agreed to shoot a quick picture in the backyard, and that's exactly what we did. We didn't even bother to crop the thing. Which has now appeared in the back of both Blackwood and The Woken Gods, as well as many other places.

I'd been intending to get some actual professional author photos taken (which I really do believe authors should have) for ages, but finally decided about a month ago to Get It Done. After gathering a number of suggestions, I ended up going to the site of queen of dessert Stella Parks, aka the Brave Tart, an amazing pastry chef and an amazing writer (you'll be wanting her first cookbook as soon as it's out, trust me) who I knew had great photos. Those turned out to have been taken by the wonderful and conveniently local Sarah Jane Sanders, a frequent collaborator of hers on food photography, who also has an excellent body of portrait and other work. 

I was beyond delighted when it turned out Sarah was available and would do some photos for me. She prefers to shoot in natural light without any sort of elaborate set-up–though we did tidy our bookshelves for the first time in years in preparation–and she made the shoot fun, despite the fact that getting my picture taken is not my favorite. She even laughed at my smizing jokes. She's fabulous.

Local folks who need portraits, take note.

I'm sticking a few of the new pics behind the cut tag:





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