The Old & The New Year

Yes, yes, I'm finally getting around to that year-end wrap-up thing so popular…at the end of the year. For whatever reason, I'm feeling little inclination to reminisce and completely excited to greet 2014 and whatever challenges and surprises and etcetera it holds in store. But I do love reading other people's posts, and I like having a semi-official and revisitable record, so here I am.

This'll be a days of past and look to the future post, as a result though, kind of like the new X-Men movie. (I call Storm. Or Rogue. Or Kitty Pryde.) (Yes, I realize most of them aren't going to be in that movie. Mystique then, especially since she's not-so-secretly a Kentuckian.) (Note from Christopher: He heard all of these characters were to be in the movie, except that Rogue ended up, and I quote, "on the cutting room floor." Sounds painful.)

Things I wrote and/or revised this year:

  • THE WOKEN GODS – I spent much of the spring wrestling this book into novel shape, and then it came out in the fall. I don't want to hem myself in (as if that's possible), but this might be one of the weirdest books I ever publish. And, hey, look at that: I published a second book. Wow. That barely feels real, still.
  • GIRL ON A WIRE – I finished my second (first solid) draft of the circus book and sent it off to my agent about this time last year; then I did a little revising, and then we sold it. I spent this fall working with my fabulous editor on doing the real revising, and I still have copy edits ahead. It's been such a great process on this one, from starting it feeling like I was a little crazy, to taking it to Bat Cave, to now. And, my pretties, looks like it's probably coming in October 2014. I'm nervous, but oh very excited for this one. Much more to come. ETA: Okay, so I added some info and a description (subject to tweaking) to the book page and looking for the ISBN discovered the pre-order page and freaked out just like I did for Blackwood's. Maybe more, I don't know. So. Excited. (!!!) (Total nerd out moment.)
  • Secret Collaborative MG Project – Christopher and I did write a book together over the summer, and we had a BLAST. Now, we're both embroiled in other projects and deadlines for the next while, but I'm hoping we can get back to it relatively soon and then find it a good home. Because: So. Much. Fun. And really creatively rejuvenating to do, all round. A definite highlight of the year.
  • Other TOP SECRET Project – Well, this one isn't written yet, but it is Well In Process. Not sure when I'll be able to divulge the details, but I'm writing it now and on deadline and I pinch myself because it's such fun and I can't wait until you are all in on the secret. One of those things that comes out of the blue and demands a yes.

And there was also a proposal in there, and a whole bunch of reviews for Locus, and several features for PW, and I got to interview one of my favorite writers for the LA Times.

Places I went this year:

  • Mexico! And we got to stay with some of the loveliest people in the universe in one of its loveliest houses. Plus, afternoon margaritas, courtesy of Raoul. Magnificent.
  • Bat Cave, where I did more planning and plotting than anything else, but which was also magnificent as always.
  • My very first ALA annual, and what a blast that was. Librarians, I love you. That is all. (And thanks to Wes Chu again for playing host. With single malt. He's such a bad influence.)
  • California! My first trip to the West Coast in a long while. C and I went to museums and hung out with Doselle and Carolyn and other friends, and I got to visit Mysterious Galaxy, and then go out to the beach with Jenn and some of her other wondrous clients. A great mini-vacay.
  • And there were fun events here in Lex, Asheville, and Ohio to round things out.

I hope to get lots more places this year, like RT in New Orleans and etc etc tk.

In sum, 2013 was a year with a little of the expected, a lot more serendipity. A year I can't complain about, and which in many ways felt transitional. This was a year in which I figured out a lot of things about how I want life and my creative life and career to look going forward and how to balance those things so I don't feel utterly overwhelmed. In which I remembered to stop and be grateful slightly more often. I'm really looking forward to 2014 and seeing what lies ahead.

Resolutions of a sort:

  • I'm not much of one for resolving to do things. I typically just either do them or decide not to. But I find I do have a few this time. The first is to blog more regularly again. I miss it, and having said farewell to my regular reviewing gig for reasons of time and the need for reading freely (and believing in Ron Swanson's admonition to whole ass rather than half-ass), I feel like I'll have the headspace back for it too.
  • Christopher and I are going to try that Vegan Before 6 thing, which I know, vegan friends, is not really and truly vegan, but feels doable nonetheless. I want to do that, and get back into truly regular yoga. More attention on health, in other words.
  • Keep writing, of course. I hope that the new year brings more surprises and opportunities. And that I can keep up with them. I'm so grateful for all of you who cheer me on in any way whatsoever, and who are along for the ride. Speaking of which, yes, I'll actually do a newsletter at some point(s) this year. Promise.

I raise a glass to all of you, and to 2014 being fabulous for all of us.

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