Thursday Hangovers

*Also hoping this revelation means that starting tomorrow I will get the kind of revision progress in that I need to be getting, which I haven't this week thus far. Lots of thinking, but not enough writing fixety. Also hoping–tentatively–that the next week might bring resolution on a front that has taken seemingly forever to resolve but could be exciting. *is intentionally mysterious* Keep your fingers crossed. (You know, when they're not busy with other things.) Ciao for now.

2 thoughts on “Thursday Hangovers”

  1. Good luck! Hmmm – I have been getting allergy shots over the past six months, and it seems like it’s really made a difference. If your health insurance covers testing and subsequent shots, it may be well worth your while to pursue – I already feel like I’ve been sick with respiratory stuff much less in the last five months than in any prior period of similar duration in living memory…

  2. This is an excellent point. Both my parents take them; I’ve been able to hold off, but this year the allergies are just WORSE. And this is likely not helped by the fact we live in what’s supposedly one of the worst allergy zones in the country.

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