ARCs of the Covenant (Okay, Not Really)

At least, I hope that no eye singeing and unfortunate melting will occur from looking directly at…Blackwood ARCs. Or, more precisely in this case, eARCs.

Which are now available at NetGalley! As are eARCs of the other Strange Chemistry September launch title, Kim Curran's Shift. So, reviewers/bloggers/combinations thereof who use NetGalley, request away; you can search or they're listed under Angry Robot. I hear that hard copy ARCs are going out this week as well.

(Oh, and if your pleasure is pre-ordering–well, then I love you. But seriously the purchasing links have been updated AND I believe the correct cover image is now up everywhere or nearly everywhere.)

Thus ends today's nauseous- and nervous-making self promotion. And back to writing the next book.

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