Excuses, Excuses: Holiday Edition

Yes, I know I've been MIA. I intended to do a post about books I recommend for gifts this year (just made our list today, figuring out which books to get for who) and about other things, but just haven't had a chance. I also have a million links for a hangovers post, which I'll try to post at some point in the nearish future. For the inevitable gift card frenzy to come, the 2011 reading list is down and to the right.

And here's a teensy reminder that if there's an old-school D&D or gaming fan on your list (or you fit this description), Christopher's Sandstorm makes a lovely gift–the perfect size for a stocking. And too big for a stocking but also a great gift is the Steampunk! anthology, edited by Kelly and Gavin, and filled with fabulous stories, including one by Mr. Rowe.

I could promise I'll try and do some catch up posts, but in all truth I'm probably going to do the sane thing and enjoy the coming time with our family, try and get some more novel written, and otherwise make my best attempt at R&R for the next week and a halfish.

So there. Happy holidays, my lovely ones.

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