Thursday Hangovers

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  1. I think the idea of monarchy representing parents and others who act in loco parentis is quite relevant to adults. Being an adult doesn’t mean you don’t have mommy/daddy issues. And pretty much any adult has at some point been under the thumb of a teacher or boss whose decisions seem capricious and who is unlikely to be ousted from power.

  2. I should add that in the workplace context, the storyline of being so awesome that eventually you will replace the person who’s currently oppressing you is explicit, and widely accepted. Secret prince -> benevolent king is not really a very different myth from mailroom clerk -> CEO.
    I’d love to see a present-day book about mailroom clerk -> CEO written in the style of secret prince -> benevolent king, actually.

  3. These are fair AND really interesting points. Many adults do feel out of control in the larger sense of things, too. It’s an argument that intrigues me (partly because it is troublesome that monarchies are so prevalent and this is among the least troubling reasons I’ve seen).
    Great job moderating everything over at Genreville this week, btw.

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