Summer Issue Continues

The Subterranean special YA summer issue continues with Karen Joy Fowler's "Younger Women." Just thinking about this story makes me happy. Given that it's from the point-of-view of a teenage girl's mother, rather than a teenager, I'm sure someone could make an argument it's not YA at all. But, in typical and wonderful KJF style, it is undeniably about YA… or at least about a very common dating situation in YA and so I declare that it counts.

Plus, it's just a really great story. Check it out. (And read Malinda Lo's "The Fox" if you haven't yet.) And, as they say, much more to come.

p.s. I know, I know, I haven't been around these parts much lately. I'm about two days from having some breathing room back, and look forward to burbling about various things.

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