Mast_logoBut not like that. Because I don't have nearly enough things to juggle* I immediately said yes when asked if I wanted to blog some for Macmillan's new romance community site, Heroes and Heartbreakers. My first post there appears today–doing my favorite thing, recommending books. This time it's some YA picks in a smattering of genres for adult readers who aren't sure where to go after reading the holy trinity of crossover YA. Most of y'all probably don't need those kind of recs, but mosey over and add your own in the comments if you're so inclined.

I'm dead excited to be involved with this. Kudos to the team at Macmillan–especially the fabulous Liz Edelstein and Megan Frampton–for such a successful, interesting launch this past week.

*Or, er, because it sounded like fun.

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