ALA Award Yays!

This looks to be a very good year for the awards* (though I do wish One Crazy Summer had picked up the Newbery in addition to the Coretta Scott King, and know nothing about the winner except that, boy, that cover already LOOKS so Newbery).

Anyway, massive congratulations to the Printz honorees (especially A.S. King, whose stuff I adore) and to winner Paolo Bacigalupi! (He's getting way too fancy, isn't he?)

A couple of related links: my review of Ship Breaker for Subterranean Online and the interview I did with Paolo here just after the book's release. A snippet:

Now, maybe we should leave it to other people to pick apart the question of why boys are all playing Grand Theft Auto and Halo3 and Left 4 Dead, and not reading and not going on to college, but my personal sense when I look at the sorts of good, literarily respectable books that we try to convince kids to read with, is that these look sort of boring in comparison to what's happening on other media.

Congratulations to award winners, honors, and committee members who did all the hard work! Now back to playing catch-up after last week's Great and Terrible Plague.

*A more complete list with additional info in the ALA press release.

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