Done! And my longest first draft ever* at 82K, although this feels less like a first draft than my usual, too… since I have been working on it for ages, and did some revision during. Which I hardly ever do.

Now to watch a lot of Fringe, finish Sarah MacLean's delicious new romance, and then tomorrow catch up on metric tons of freelance stuff.

Still, yay. Done. (For now.) The creepy island novel exists!

*My first drafts tend to come in short. Hopefully, not this time.

**On twitter, I mentioned that I have this slight but constant anxiety whenever I'm mid-draft or -revision, that I'll be hit by a bus (or lightning or a falling piano) before it's completed and so all I'll have left on my computer is this random mess that isn't done. Morbid writer thoughts or type A personality run rampant? You decide.

18 thoughts on “DRAFTED”

  1. Good for you and if it helps, I have a similar anxiety about all the works cluttering my laptop. I can only imagine what someone would think of the mess if I were to expire.

  2. kjfowler@aol.com

    Hooray, hooray! I have exactly the same anxiety about dying when the book might look finished, but isn’t even close. (I wonder how Jane Austen feels about Persuasion from her writing table in the sky?) I figure if I carry my laptop everywhere maybe we can all go together.
    But you are an inspiration! 82,000 words of inspiration — Other Karen

  3. I’ll be *even more* inspired when I finally get to read your chimp book!
    I do wonder if there are a batch of disgruntled writers peering through the smudged glass of death, upset because they cannot wield the lightning bolt against the living rifling through their papers.

  4. Thanks! I’ve let books sit for as much as a month and a half, but that’s usually because my first drafts are fast. I’m a believer in Stephen Koch’s fast draft/slow draft or slow draft/fast draft approach, more or less. This draft took a lot longer than my usual, so after a quick clean-up pass I’ll let it sit for a week or two while I get first read(s). Then I’ll dive back in and do some revision, especially because I already have a decent idea (I think) of what the revision will look like.

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