Vamp Talk Thursday

Everyone's favorite weekday (besides Friday, obvs) is here, and not a moment too soon:

Kill or Be Killed. While Stefan and Damon argue over how to handle the Lockwoods, Tyler learns more about his Uncle Mason and the family curse. Despite Elena's wishes, Jeremy gets closer to the Lockwood mystery by hanging out with Tyler. Sheriff Forbes receives some shocking information from Mason, leading to a chaotic night.

I love it when the boys bicker. Plus, chaos!

6 thoughts on “Vamp Talk Thursday”

  1. I can’t wait to hear what Mandy’s got to say about this one. Your favorite character is locked the basement. (::runs::)
    I knew that uncle was up to no good. Werewolves, sheez.
    Moonstone theories, anyone?
    Turns whole town into hippies. Conjures a beautiful unicorn. Is lost or destroyed by mid-season?

  2. Oh, but great ep — so much going on I forgot to mention Caroline bringing the kick-ass.
    (Also, glad that Mystic Falls has a lifetime supply of disposable and anonymous deputies.)

  3. Possibly Catherine can use the moonstone in place of an actual moon, to force a werewolf shift at other times of month? This isn’t the most grand power (unless it can force the change in people who wouldn’t otherwise become werewolves). But it’s a practical one, because without it, we won’t see werewolves more often than every fifth episode or so, and I think this show is paced faster than that.
    Though now you’ve got me crossing my fingers for beautiful unicorn.

  4. We had houseguests all weekend so just got to it last night. I loved that the deputies were clearly non-SAG:).
    Caroline was awesome.
    Excited for the return of junkie Stefan because he’s hilarious. He is my second favorite kind of Stefan after threatening Stefan. And sadly, I thought that kiss after Elena gave him a couple drops had the hot.
    Missed Alaric this episode, as usual. Maybe they could lock Jeremy in the basement with Useless Bad Hair Sheriff for a couple episodes so we could have him back.
    Also…Mason Lockwood is a terrible actor. Maybe worse than the Sheriff. It’s uncomfortable to watch him in a scene with Somerhalder. Hooking him up with Kath was a good move because on his own he seems way too brain cell deficient to be a threat.
    I believe I scared the dogs repeatedly in this episode with my shouting “somebody better take off his shirt soon!” Seriously, what is up? The shirtfulness continues.

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