Vamp Talk Thursday

And tonight is:

Plan B. Jeremy offers to help Alaric and Damon deal with Katherine, despite Elena's concerns about Jeremy's safety. Caroline and her mother share some rare quality time together. When Bonnie learns some new information about Mason, she decides to share it with Stefan, which leads to Damon taking action on his own.

This looks to have all my fave episode elements. We shall see.

3 thoughts on “Vamp Talk Thursday”

  1. I’m beginning to wonder if this is one of those shows I enjoy more watched as a big lump in a row. Though: Caroline!
    The moonstone better do something spectacular. And Aunt Jenna better not ever die.
    And I’m looking forward to Bad!Jeremy.

  2. Things I enjoy:
    How Ian Somerhalder has been making with the crazy-eyes just about nonstop lately. His campy enjoyment of the whole vampire thing — I’d say he’s playing it as *Damon’s* campy enjoyment of the whole vampire thing, which is even more fun — is what makes this show for me.
    What a relief to get the cheesy surfer werewolf off the screen!
    Really loved Caroline in this ep, especially the scenes with her mother.

  3. We have felt the same way, Gwenda. I find that if I begin a show on DVD, the enjoyment is nearly halved when I catch up to real time and no longer have the satisfaction of instant gratification in addition to the show itself. However, I do think that the show took a while to hit its stride in Season One, so whatever they’re building too may be spectacular. Breaking Stefan and Elena up (even though I rather approve of them as a couple) is made of win, surferWere is dead, and they’re even giving Zach Roering something to do!

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