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Oh dear–has the clock really run around to Thursday without another post? Oh well, this will have to do. Still working on finishing my book draft, a proofing project, and getting ready to start reading Subterranean issue submissions soon. If all goes well, I should return to a more normal posting schedule next week.

In the meantime, tonight's capsule descrip is:

Brave New World. Caroline, feeling confused and desperate, joins her friends at the Mystic Falls Carnival after being released from the hospital. Damon wants to take immediate action, but Stefan and Elena offer Caroline their support. Matt tries to tell Caroline how he feels about her despite being confused about her behavior. Damon starts to suspect Mason Lockwood and tries to use Tyler's short temper to get Mason to reveal his secret. Bonnie takes her frustrations out on Damon as she becomes frustrated with everything going on around her.

Can't wait.

4 thoughts on “Vamp Talk Thursday”

  1. Couldn’t care less about the werewolves, but I have to say I am liking that Caroline’s no longer a naive victim. Also think there’s potential fun in the notion of Elena’s brother finding his male-bonding/daddy figure in Damon, of all people, who can teach him a thing or too about how to carry off “disaffected punk”, and proper whittling skills.

  2. I resent the werewolves because they mean we didn’t get any Alaric or Aunt Jenna this ep. Boo.
    But, yes, adore Caroline! And her appreciation of the glamouring skill. I’m already worried that she is doomed to die by Stefan’s vow to protect her though. Please, show, leave this one “alive.”
    And I did love the scene with Damon and Jeremy. The whittling line was great. I actually kind of missed Katherine’s presence in the ep–or at least was bored by Elena’s insistence on the perfect day, and I wish Bonnie was being written with a little more nuance right now. I’m also hoping Bonnie will make one of those magic rings for Caroline so she can hide what she is from Matt for longer.
    The scenes from next week looked werewolf heavy, but I sure hope we can move past them soon. I’m more interested in the town politics, and how Damon is going to manipulate them.

  3. I thought Twilight had already settled the age-old question: vampires are preferable to werewolves, everytime. But I am enjoying Damon’s insistence on sniffing out the “other” in their midst. Beyond that, I don’t like Tyler and he’s never going to be rehabilitated for me (the actor really turns me off, no matter how many shirtless scenes they give me) so I’m just hoping the werewolf revelation will result in Katherine and/or Damon killing him.
    Glad to see that Elena’s (rather justifiable) anger at Damon resulted in his complete alienation this week, except…it didn’t. She protests sooooo much. Such is the power of Damon. He does something (killing Stefan’s bestie or brainwashing hers, turning her brother, etc.), Elena or Stefan or both claim to be unforgivably mad, he he does that eye thing and they’re all “Oh Damon. Can’t stay mad at you!” Lather, rinse, repeat.
    Caroline broke my heart, but I was glad to see her exercise some power with Damon. Now that she’s got the potential to be badass, can they do something for poor, dumb Matt?
    I agree Gwenda, that Bonnie needs something..and that something is Jasmine Guy. Jasmine Guy + Reincarnation Spell=TV magic.

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