Vamp Talk Thursday

And tonight's ep is:

Memory Lane. Stefan takes more dramatic actions as he tries to discover the truth behind why Katherine has returned to Mystic Falls, and he is stunned when Katherine reveals some new information about the events that unfolded in 1864. Damon tries using a new method to resolve his issues with Mason, but his decision has serious consequences. Tyler pressures Mason to tell him the truth about the Lockwood family. Stefan and Elena are faced with limited options when Katherine gives them an ultimatum.

Last week was a return to form, so surely there's cracktastic hijincks of rollicking reveals in store for us tonight.

4 thoughts on “Vamp Talk Thursday”

  1. Every time I’m kidding myself that I don’t love this show, something happens like I see a Shaken & Stirred post mentioning that it’s on tonight and I get ALL HAPPY.

  2. I thought it was a great ep, reintroducing questions about Katherine’s origins, reemphasizing the very real issues with Stefan and Elena’s relationship, and setting us up for a wolf/vamp conflict that’s actually personal, not just requisite. So nice to have Alaric back, I think he’s necessary for the show in providing a knowledgable but non-supernatural adult perspective. If they can’t afford to have both Matt Davis and Steve McQueen’s grandson, I’ll take Davis and just rent Bullitt for my McQueen fix.
    Nick and I were embarassingly confused during the Stefan/Elena break-up scene…we thought initially it was staged, then they had us thinking it might be real, and we were groaning, “oh this is not going to turn into THAT type of show, is it?” And no, it is not.
    So far, my only real complaint with this season is that I do not believe we have been treeated to any shirtless Salvatores. Am I wrong?

  3. I somehow missed your comment. Drat.
    Agreed, I thought this was a good ep. It’s interesting that considering how many people they’ve killed off, so many characters are still being juggled. (No Jeremy this week, but at least we got some Jenna.) I do miss the presence of Pearl and Anna still; it feels like they could have been assets against Katherine and added to the storyline, but perhaps this is just my continued grousing that they killed off Anna. 🙂
    Anyway, the ep definitely raised some really intriguing questions about what Katherine really is back in town for, and I’m sensing season-long arc there. Perhaps my feeling like Damon’s not being quite as well used this season is due to too much shirt-wearing. (Did Katherine rip his shirt off in the season opener? Can’t remember.) More gratuitousness, pleaz, writerz.
    Moonstone, shmoonstone.

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