Vamp Talk Thursday

And tonight's ep is*:

Bad Moon Rising. Elena, Damon, and Alaric travel to Duke University to study Isobel's research on folklore and paranormal phenomena, hoping to find some clues to the mystery surrounding the Lockwoods. Vanessa, a former student of Isobel's, helps them sort through the research and ends up learning more than she had anticipated. Stefan encounters a terrifying new danger in the woods, and Tyler uncovers a shocking discovery about his uncle Mason.

This looks promising, what with the return of Alaric. And maybe the werewolves won't be so mysterious after this week…because if the SHOCKING DISCOVERY is that Mason is a werewolf? NOT SHOCKING.

Stop by afterward with thoughts, complaints, and prognostications.

*Oh, the tough decisions ahead in casa Bond-Rowe, where we can DVR only two things at a time. I believe the same hour will hold TVD, Community and Parks & Rec, and Bones. Woe. Why can't some shows be on other nights?

5 thoughts on “Vamp Talk Thursday”

  1. When given the choice between watching 20-some minutes of tv on a teensy little laptop screen and 40-plus minutes of an enlarged Ian Somerhalder in all his glory on your big throbbing television…is there even a question?
    Really Alaric + Damon is made of win. Especially enjoying Alaric’s new elongated hair.
    I thought the werewolf reveal was well done, denying us the torture of watching some terribly CGI’ed transformation and keeping it hidden in the car. And now Tyler and Stefan both know, instead of dragging it out further. I really enjoy how this show just goes for broke: “Yeah, Caroline’s a vampire now, and there are werewolves, and Damon tried to kill Jeremy. Did we mention the doppelganger myths? Whatevs!”

  2. Yep! Although I still wish Dish Network had an HD affiliate for the CW. I resent the picture quality.
    I know, I love Alaric and Damon together. And Stefan is actually less annoying with Caroline. Elena is becoming a little too shrill and judgmental–I mean, sure, Damon killed her brother, but is that truly worse than Stefan’s Mick-Jagger-On-A-Blood-Bender behavior last season? At least his action was motivated by *feeeeelings*. Not to mention we know Stefan threatened to turn her father, and seemed to mean it. She needs to mellow soonest so I can continue liking her.
    For all my bemoaning the werewolf obviousness, I did actually like what they did in this ep. And kudos for having an actual theoretical reason why vamps and werewolves hate each other. Plus, I love it when the Aztecs get incorporated into anything.
    Caroline and Katherine together is going to be interesting.

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