I didn't mean to do a disappearing act here this week, but it's been a bit insanity-filled. So, a random Friday 5 it is. Reasons for my absence:

1. Birthday! It was nice. And C got me a shiny new iPod so I can listen to podcasts in the car again. Plus, it's wayyyy fancier than the one that exploded awhile back and I can shoot citizen video of any crimes that happen in my vicinity with it.

2. A little summer sickness. Yes, I know. Boo. (Although I did finish reading all the Nalini Singh books in the world… And now I've just started Jennifer Egan's A Visit from the Goon Squad (pass me the gold flakes), which I'm loving so far, and Marcy Dermansky's Bad Marie is up next. My love for her first novel Twins is mighty, so I'm aflutter in anticipation. Speaking of which, Ms. Dermansky was in the NYT this week.)

3. I had an article to write! Actually, one big feature for PW comprised of an article and several sidebars. Given the aforementioned sick, this was pretty all-consuming of my free hours. Decidedly un-free this week. But it's been turned in and will run soon, and I'll link it up then because I think/hope it turned out well.

4. There is this new stuff from N*ture M*de (I don't want their bots showing up) called SLEEP sold in the form of blue gelcaps of danger. Great for the occasional bout of insomnia, but the pixie dust ingredient encases you in a dreamlike fog for the entire next day. (Don't believe the packaging. Which, btw, doesn't disclose the amount of melatonin in these babies. I'm betting LOTS.)

5. Random television numeral not related to the above. This season's So You Think You Can Dance format clearly has an indisputably HUGE flaw (and Kristin Cashore cites another)–making the newbies dance with the stars is like demolition derby. Please, show, stop with the injuries already. It's making people tearful. And there's enough tendency toward melodrama As It Is. (Favorite Mia Michaels moments this season: the She-Ra headband she rocked last week and "dance is a heart form." Oh, wacky choreographers, how I love you. I actually do miss the rotating cast of guest judges.)

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  1. My favorite chapter in “Goon Squad” was the one written in the form of a PowerPoint presentation. It was the most emotionally naked story in the book (I contend it’s a collection of linked stories, not a novel.) Good stuff.

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