Thursday Hangovers

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  1. Maybe it’s just me, but I have a strange appreciation for the fact that Courtney Love is one of the few people out there who unapologetically plays terrible shows. Let’s salute our trash culture rather than ridicule it. Americans are content to ridicule AMERICAN IDOL contestants who falter before the cameras, but when it comes to paying money for the privilege of giving into their basest impulses, they complain. And is that really fair? Is that really honest? If I ever learned anything from my theater days, failed performance is often more interesting than its slicker and successful variety. It veers into places where the comfortable aren’t willing to go and can sometimes be oddly commendable. I’m not a Courtney Love fan, but I love the fact she brought her assistant onstage to film the show (often occluding the audience view), that she can’t remember her lyrics, and that she offers interminable chatter. And I put forth the proposition that this is somehow a more honest approach a band coming out for a predictable encore.

  2. I don’t 100 percent disagree. I basically saw a Loretta Lynn show where she was high, did the same numbers only realizing it in the middle, had to bring people on stage to do numbers from her familiy, etcetera, and it was awesome. But it was awesome because she still honored the contract between audience and performer–it was still important for her to do her job, and she’s earned the right to be daffily charming and out of it (she had a broken foot and I’m sure was on meds). And she honestly wanted to connect with the audience. Or, say, Chan Marshall’s early shows–her meltdowns were part of the package.
    Love’s just an effed up narcissist and I find narcissists boring. Also, the whole assistant thing reflects a Hollywood mindset–no one anywhere else in the country is real, so why bother? do whatever you want–that really gets on my nerves.
    Plus, I thought that piece was really well put together. I felt like I was there, but without getting ripped off!

  3. That said, it occurs to me that people coming to a Hole show may actually be happy to witness something like this. Got to be part of appeal.

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