The Five of Friday

I don't usually do the Friday five thing, but I didn't want to leave this week with just a couple of posts (given my recent return to regular blogging) and needed an organizing principle for the swirling random that surrounds me. So, five things, ahoy, with plenty of parentheticals in sight.

1. Captain Caprice! While Christopher has been out of town this week (leaving me to DIE of scurvy and other malnutrition-related maladies), I've been borrowing my grandmother's car in an attempt to be frugal and because it makes her happy. (He has our lovely little Honda up on the mountain.) Said car is a Caprice, and it's a sweet ride–need I say more? Fourth generation, baby. Also, let's leave the planet out of this, shall we? I'm sure this is not the, shall we say, greenest option on the road… but, hey, it hardly ever leaves the driveway. Anyway, driving this thing has actually been a blast because it's the closest I'll ever get to being a ship's captain. I can yell "Starboard!", "Avast!", and "Going about!" at the appropriate moments, and, when parking for the evening, "Splice the mainbrace!" (That may be one of my favorite Wikipedia pages ever, by the way–who knew that another name for a personal flotation device was a Mae West after THE Mae West? Not I, and I'm a captain, ye landlubbing scum! Also, the origin of son of a gun.) All was well until the ship went down for the count in our vet's parking lot, meaning I had to lug a bag of groceries and another of 10 lb. dog food to a nearby Starbucks to await a cab. I think my mistake was skipping the official christening ceremony. And I'm sure the people of Starbucks were confused by my cries of, "My ship! My ship!" But it's all better now, after having a new alternator installed, and shall be returned to safe harbor soonest.

2. Team Backbone! The inconvenience of a forced day off to deal with the car issue, however, allowed me to take the lovely and hilarious Karen Meisner up on her suggested shameful indulgence of seeing Eclipse on opening day. We synchronized our Swatches and "met up" for a long distance viewing of the movie, which led to a flurry of texts and tweets afterward. The next day, I felt I had a Twilight hangover, as did Karen, due to the text and subtext of it all. We talked about putting up our convos in memoriam, but I think that Annalee has said all that need be said over at i09, following off the tweet flurry. Go read her post about why Team Jacob will always lose. (WHY is there a Team Edward? He has old lady lipstick and horrible Dynasty-esque taste in jewels. As Karen texted me, "Lady Gaga looked at that thing, raised her eyebrows, and said, "My dear, it's too much.") Still, Karen's a great date.

3. Geeks & Freaks! One of the books I read this week was Andrew Auseon's Freak Magnet and I love it so much I can barely stand not to talk about it right now. Instead, I'll give it a proper review next week and I'll have an interview with Andy. Seriously, seriously, do not miss this book, guys. It immediately became one of my favorite love stories ever. EVER.

4. I can't cook. I may have scurvy.

5. Happy Real Independence Day.

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  1. Adrien’s departures often leave me with scurvy, too, and cases of freezer-burn by association. Maybe you and I can have a long-distance *cooking* date next time they’re on the road!

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