So Much Depends On The Room Service Menu

Whoever designed the room service menus at the Dolphin is a new breed of visionary–I expect Oprah might be calling this person up at any time, asking them to provide a certain signature brand of uplift. Excerpts from said menu are below; the titles are what the various time-of-day menus are called, the rest is self-explanatory.

Found poem # 1:

Revitalizing Experiences

tater tots

mac & cheese

baked potato

bok choy


(Please feel free to snap your fingers along with these.)

Found poem # 2:

Inspiring Meals


chicken fingers

triple decker grilled cheese

mac & cheese

spaghetti, meat sauce

The drink menus are Private Moments (wine) and Refreshing Retreats (men, er, I mean beer).

p.s. Am having a blast, talkingtalkingtalking, and hopefully didn't embarrass myself when accepting my lovely Veritas plaque. Tonight, parties.

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