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  1. My sister was on the Tragic City Rollers for a bit – Birmingham’s “Magic City” team. Her name was Shy Violence.
    I like your choices. May I suggest a revision, Ms. Breakabitch?

  2. Ooh, I love Erin Breakabitch! Fab!
    I’m constantly changing mine, but right now if I played it’d be She-Rex.
    p.s. Gwenda, wasn’t sure if I wanted to see this movie but you’ve convinced me to go!

  3. I really enjoyed WHIP IT. But it was very interesting to note that derby is the only sport I’ve ever seen that’s less jazzy and interesting looking all faked-up for Hollywood. WHITE MEN CAN’T JUMP and every football movie ever have managed to choreograph their respective sports into a thrilling game delirium, ball opera, whereas this staged rollergirl action lacked the pulse of the real thing.
    And Zoe Bell was underused.
    On the other hand, both Juno and Maybe forced me to notice that this half-decade’s up-and-coming talent is way better than the last spate. I liked JENNIFER’S BODY along these lines, too.

  4. You can almost make a team with unmodified names:
    Sister Sledge
    June Cleaver
    Tipper Gore
    Marilyn Manson
    But, in the spirit of invention:
    Veronica Violence
    Tiffani Tumult
    Audrey Rugburn
    Guinevere Guns
    Miss Annie Thrope
    Olivia Neutron Bomb
    Iluva Knifelife
    Nikki Noose

  5. When I used to do sports massage for the local derby girls during their practice sessions, I was Jane Eerie. On the mellow side, but I figured there’s maybe a limit to how violent a vibe you want to be getting from your massage therapist.

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