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Because I have such vast swathes of free time these days, I agreed to be on the first round judging panel for the YA science fiction and fantasy division in this year's Cybils, the children's and young adult bloggers' literary awards. (You may laugh at me now.) I'm excited to be involved with the Cybils again; they seem to just keep improving the process every year. For instance, you should go over there–when you're entering your nominations, perhaps, due by midnight Oct. 15–and check out the constantly updating, attractively-displayed lists of what's been nominated so far in each category. These awards take truly amazing, cooperative feats of love and admin, not to mention vast amounts of work. Kudos to all involved.

Cybils09My fellow first-round judges on the YA SFF panel are:

Panelists (Round I Judges), Teen/YA:

Steve Berman, Guys Lit Wire
Tanita S. Davis, Finding Wonderland
Nettle, The Muse, Amused
Sheila Ruth (see panel organizer)
Angie Thompson, Angieville
Samantha Wheat, Twisted Quill

This is going to be FUN. And, as I hoped, I already see several books I've been meaning to read but haven't gotten around to on our nom list. Go add your suggestions.

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  1. hej, really great page! i heard of the awards. actually i think the job you do is pretty cool because ppeople like me, who do not have the time to read books all the time (what is really a shame!) trust people like you who love reading them and making a selection of the best ones. i am a big fan of nettle as well 😉 go on with your work!!

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