Smells Like Teen Angst

Or, rather, a playlist for the new revision I'm working on for the Medea book (well, really more of an experimental rebirth than a revision, but it still falls under that heading). The new approach is really getting me in touch with my inner angsty teen, and if I'm going to stick with it I have to have a playlist*. Thank god, this does not mean including the Jim Morrison poetry songs. This angst is more interesting than the type I possessed.


I also used this as an excuse for a little iTunes slurge, although the Bowerbirds was the only thing newly purchased that was tonally right. We'll see how this experiment progresses. I make no promises, and after Blue Heaven I'll dive back in to the new book armed with notes aplenty and make it presentable. (And hopefully this will be–or nearly–a new book by then, too.) 

*Why so short? This is the portable version, as I am currently iPodless, since mine exploded in the car awhile back. It was very exciting.

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