Not Much To See…

…here today, though I'm technically meeting my BEDA obligations, so ha! There is lively discussion in the comments of both yesterday's post on chocolate and SF and the day before's on series.

We had a visit from an excellent dog trainer yesterday, who shares our distrust of the Cesar Millan Be A Pack Leader Approach, and instantly had both Puck and Emma's numbers. (Puck's the one mainly in need of assistance, as he hates all strangers on sight and is territorial. Emma's just smart and bossy, a winning combination.) Anyway, a fun evening was spent learning how to dissuade dogs from bad behaviors, and now we practice for a week and report back. A good trainer? Worth every penny.

1 thought on “Not Much To See…”

  1. Hooray for a great trainer visit! And for someone else who isn’t blown away by Cesar Millan. It’s been driving me a little crazy since he became a TV star and all my non-dog-owning friends have been raving about him…

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