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And tonight we have:

Echoes. Echo goes undercover at a college to investigate a deadly virus outbreak. 

Outbreak investigation, huh? I. Can't. Wait. (Of course, we have to watch the Basketball Werewolf Show first.)

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  1. Ridiculous science aside, I think this was the best episode so far in terms of sheer watch-ability… except for Echo’s terrible hooker/school marm outfit (esp the leggings!).

  2. Yeah, the leggings with heels were ridiculous!
    I liked this episode too. It was clumsy in places — e.g., Echo’s animal rights speeches — but overall I like how the show’s loosening up. More playful & original; & as a couple people remarked last week, it’s getting stronger as it expands to incorporate the entire Dollhouse. Favorite bit: Victor being all agent-y, and the Dominic character (or whatever he’s called) saying, “A few hours ago you guys were talking about how much you liked apple sauce.”
    Missed Amy Acker — did they ever explain where her character was?

  3. Wow was the science ridiculous, though. I mean, how was it that Topher was supposed to have been infected? Over the phone?
    Very sloppy episode in some ways, but I guess I’m willing to forgive it because 1. I liked the reversal of having the dolls be the ones in control 2. I loved both Reed Diamond’s and Olivia Williams’ freakouts (Adelle jumping up and down is something I will remember for years to come) and 3. it gave them an excuse to reveal backstory. Still, sloppy. Did they even resolve the thing with Victor? Wasn’t he shot? And Eliza’s ridiculous outfit was beyond ridiculous.
    Still, it was nice being reminded that there are people on this show who can act. Even Dushku, once in a while.

  4. I assumed he got it because he Was Working With a Dangerous Substance With No Infection Control Protocols. Yes = worst science ever.
    But a lot of fun. My only concern is that it does strike me of a mash-up of the Band Candy ep of Buffy and the Miranda subplot of the Firefly movie, and so I wonder if we’re getting a grafted version of the long-term Firefly story, transformed and made evil corporation instead of evil government. Still, getting much, much better!

  5. Funny you should mention that… I was thinking of the Tabula Rasa episode of Buffy. That is: what is revealed about these people at their core when they forget who they’re supposed to be?
    Very fun episode — I’m so glad to see how well Adelle and Boyd and Dominic can handle humor! Nice to see another side of the neighbor doll, who unfortunately bores me (as written she’s mildly interesting, but the way the actress inhabits the character leaves me cold). Looks like she’s got some issues/history that might make her marginally more interesting.
    I’m really excited for next week’s episode. It looks a bit Amy Acker-heavy, and she’s emerged as the Dollhouse character I most want to see. (Never would have guessed it back in her cute-lil-Fred days, but when she turned all blue and megalomaniac I realized she could actually act, and I’ve loved her ever since.)

  6. Topher was infected when he high-fived November/Mellie after injecting her with the drug. Which just brings us back to the ridiculousness of a drug so powerful that a few drops of another person’s sweat are the equivalent of a full dose.
    I wasn’t crazy about this episode. It seemed like a rather heavy-handed way of shoehorning in a lot of backstory with a rather thin (and as it turned out, entirely pointless, as the drug dissipated harmlessly) frame story tying the background pieces together. Some nice bits, but a rather boring whole.

  7. im sure im not the only one who think that echo might be the head ladys daughter and i think this was a great episode running back the memory of echo was a good preview of her past. over all i wish they hadnt ended so quickly near the end.

    i also think that the asian girl that always get food for the smart dude that does the wiping clean of the dolls mind is the one who currupted the file! on the last episode

    any thoughts

  8. i have to say, this isn’t good joss whedon. this is generic joss whedon. the first five eps were so bad i couldn’t believe it was a joss whedon show. and now that we’re getting into more depth … well, after watching “the wire” and the BSG finale, i can’t say that this is depth at all, just backwash backstory.
    gotta say: anything even slightly more interesting will knock this one off my schedule. oh, and it *barely* passes the bechdel test. i’m not sure doctor’s visits and conversations about how much they like applesauce count.

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