Two More Things

1. One of my writing heroes, the divine Daniel Pinkwater*, gets the full interview treatment over at Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast today. A snippet:

I have had many adventures, including being stranded at night in the Serengeti, living on the slopes of Kilimanjaro, meeting many remarkable people, being in the right place at the right time over and over…and none of those are as much fun as writing. As to keeping the ideas flowing, like everyone else I have sixty ideas a minute. The trick is to pick the ones that are least lousy out of the flow, and what do do with them once you've picked.

2. Top Chef finale (do not spoil me! I won't get to watch until tomorrow evening!): Go, Carla, go! She's my favorite contestant on anything ever.

*I still pinch myself that we share an agent.

12 thoughts on “Two More Things”

  1. I could absolutely see that. (Although Ariane is the one I half-expect to land on Food Network.)
    Carla’s the best. I love how she is maybe the ONLY chef in all of history who never gets defensive over the panel’s criticism. She usually has already diagnosed the issues herself, and knows how to improve the dish. LOVE.

  2. I love that while Stephan and Fab were congratulating themselves on being the only serious contenders, she was quietly racking up the wins. She’s so humble and yet AWESOME.

  3. Although I had a leetle soft spot for Fabio — I’d rather have had him in
    the finale than Stephan, for sure. And the other guy annoys me too.

  4. MAS’s immediate response to your post was:
    1. Yes! Carla should have her own show (Cooking with Love)! Although, they shouldn’t have kicked Jamie.
    2. Who knew you liked Top Chef?! Why weren’t we getting together for Top Chef night every week (w/ drunken craziness, of course)?

  5. I have eaten Carla’s food and met her back when she had a traveling catering business. She’d stop by my father’s office and offer homemade lunches before she got her CIA training. So, yeah, I’m rooting for her.

  6. I mean, I always assume MAS and I watch all the same stuff (even if she is far more plugged in to the ghost-hunting shows), but a show you’ll watch with us? Yes, celebrating, drinking! Reunion show?

  7. I didn’t really mind Fabio except for his European jingoism.
    I am sad that Carla imploded, and that Casey–another favorite–was the instrument of her destruction. Sniff.

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