Weekend Hangovers

  • Workworkwork proceeds apace. Clearing out some tabs.
  • IndieBound has individual pages for books now, yay, and their affiliate program is supereasy tMoDo manage to boot. Check it out
  • And how better to experience the wonders of IndieBound than to buy Jedediah Berry's* debut novel, The Manual of Detection, nownownow from a local book shop and read it as fast as you can? There is no better way. It's an IndieNext pick for March. It's a beautiful object. You want to possess it. You're getting very sleepy. I think I'd better read it again this week, so I can finally do a proper post. See also: Holly's endorsement or enter your mystery-in-need-of-solving to win.
  • Nice piece in the NYT about Raleigh outsider artist Renaldo Kuhler and his imaginary Rocaterrania. A documentary film about the artist premieres this week in San Jose. Noted for the add-to-queue file.
  • RIP The Middleman, though the show creator says over at the Middle Blog that he prefers to think of it as "hibernating in a high tech vat."  Oh, how the sensible, non-angry commentary reminds me of same tune after the Freaks and Geeks cancellation. How about they just keep letting you put weird awesome television on FOREVER instead of pretending one season is enough? I know the sentiments are right and necessary for, y'know, having a career, but ::shakes fist:: At any rate, the finale comic book sounds excellent.
  • Downturn good news for board games? Board games are good news anytime! (A post on the new edition of Clue coming soon, by the by. WTF?!)
  • Alan Gratz lives the Project Runway dream!
  • More to come, but Cynthia Leitich Smith's Eternal = MAJOR WOW. You need to read this one. Nownownow. Like I said, more to come.

*Someone got a pretty site redesign! I dream of the day I graduate from template-world. It won't be anytime soon, I'm afraid.

3 thoughts on “Weekend Hangovers”

  1. Renaldo! He is indeed a colorful fellow and we used to hang out at the same bars. I had heard about a documentary a while back but I’m glad to see it coming to fruition and picked up by NYT.

  2. I knew you would be in the know! Who was that great fire and brimstone
    bizarre apocalypse artist that you took us to the exhibit for that time?

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