Negative Numbers

Liz Hand is my favorite reviewer, not least because the results are equally fascinating no matter whether she loves/likes/hates/etc the book in question. This has got to be one of my favorite negative reviews in ages though, of Dale Peck's Body Surfing. A snippet:

I appreciate gratuitous sex and violence as much as the next person, but not when it's this badly written. The hypnotherapist nods "his stately, philosophical head"; Q is disturbed by memories of "ungovernable, irresistible lust." Villains pause from their villainy to deliver explanations that would embarrass Dr. Evil. Someone actually says, "Just be quiet and no one will get hurt."

::claps:: Let's hope he doesn't go all Crouch on her.

And I think I'm taking the next week off the Internet (except for the obligatory Dollhouse post or random aside). I need a last burst of space and time for revision purposes and, also? Just feeling a bit of information overload. Behave.

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